Facilitating a safe return for your teams to the office

Workspace management
has never been easier

Take office space management to a new level by facilitating a safe return for your team to the office. We offer you a solution that is ideal for both a hybrid work model and full work in-office based on real-time data. Organize your desk space in accordance with COVID regulations and offer your employees the chance to decide when, how, where and with who they want to return to the office. Curious to find out more?

Your solution
for a safe return to the office

Why choose msg.Check-In software as your workspace management solution?

  • Taking workspace management to a social level

    Whether in person or virtually, help your team members stay in touch. Allow your employees to connect in networks that one may take office return decisions together. Improve team cohesion by entitling your employees to carry out collective check-ins in the same perimeter.

  • Safety as a top priority

    Take cleaning and disinfection decisions based on real-time data and get support during epidemiological inquiries through customized presence reports.

  • Looking after your brand

    Easy to use and customizable interface, color palettes that will help you maintain the feeling of belonging among your teams.

Boost your workspace performance
with msg.Check-In workspace management software


Organize your workplace in an easy and flexible way. Use the Enable and Disable desk options, create dedicated and shared areas, and never worry about not respecting social distancing rules.


Strengthen team cohesion by opening areas based on the number of working people. Optimize your maintenance and cleaning costs based on real-time data on occupancy rate.


Empower your team to decide upon their return to the office. Team members can take decisions based on their peer's actions using the Social Calendar.


Stay up to date with your workspace management data in order to easily run clean up and disinfection. Make use of traceable data when it comes to epidemiological inquiries.


Organize the allocation of spaces for your employees and allow your team members to book parking spaces in real-time. Take smart decisions based on real usage data.

How it works?

msg.Check-In supports the decision-making process of a safe return to the office

Onboard your locations

into the application by gradually adding as many workplaces as desired and extending it at a later stage, depending on the overall occupancy rate

Optimize costs

Adjust your office spaces based on real occupancy needs and reduce your overall maintenance and cleaning costs.

Keep yourself up to date, anywhere

Optimize your facility management based on real-time data accessible on any device.

Organize your office space

Enable or disable workplaces to comply with changing regulations regarding social distancing and ensure a safe working environment.
Do you have a hybrid working environment with both dedicated and shared areas? Model it into the application and enable the areas you want your employees to use.

Understand your occupancy needs

Not sure how much office space you require with the new working model? Analyze your overall occupancy rate and check-in patterns to take decisions based on real-time data.

Bring your teams together

Strengthen your employees’ cohesion by gradually opening working areas based on the actual number of colleagues returning to the office.

Empower your employees

Allow your workforce to decide for themselves when they come to the office and avoid unwanted overcrowding situations.

Manage your workspace in an easy and flexible way

Enable and disable workplaces, create shared areas, and never worry about not being compliant with the social distancing rules.

Companies and teams in a secure

Companies in various industries and institutions that operate in office buildings and want to organize their workspace as efficiently as possible use space management software as their trustworthy ally.
msg Check-In helps your company discover and manage useful workplace data to improve space utilization and allows you to offer a high degree of flexibility to your employees, empowering them to decide for themselves when and how they want to return to the office in a safe way.


All the good workspace management features in one single package. No matter your company size, benefit from all msg.Check-In office space management features and shift your office spaces into a more flexible and customizable environment.

Price: 250 EUR
Capacity: up to 100 users

Bigger team?
msg.Check-In application is easily adaptable to teams with numerous members. Discover the same feature package, in an expanded version.

What our clients say

Liam Jackson

Head of Delivery, B3i Services AG

At B3i, we are an employer who cares about the wellbeing of our colleagues. Following recent changes to local authorities' advice we wanted to ensure we have a safe return to the office, with plans in place which inspire confidence in our teams. To support this process, msg.Check-In was our solution of choice to help us effectively manage our office space, ensure safe distances are maintained, and allow our colleagues to easily book desk space. This means our teams can once again return to the office and work effectively in the same space. msg.Check-In means we are able to respect social distancing in the office, without losing social connection.
Stefan Ausfelder

Senior Vice President, Administration and Finance, msg systems ag

“We are already successfully using msg.Check-In internally and are pleased to be able to offer our employees the opportunity to work together again on-site. The msg.Check-In app is available today in 18 locations of msg Group in Germany. Around 4,500 colleagues from a total of 13 group companies have access to the app.”

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